Monday, February 25, 2013

Late night tea:

      Tonight is one of those nights I can not seem to sleep, so I fixed myself a mug of (caffeine free) tea. I've been trying to perfect the blogs, and I let time escape from me. Now I type, and listen to Grey's Anatomy, while the dog sleeps on my feet (thank goodness, they would be cold other wise). I try to  unwind and calm down, and breath deep.

These are the pictures I feel inspired by tonight. I took these a year or two ago, out in what we call the Paint Mines. It was a sunny day, and I was on a photo adventure with my Nikon D3000. I stuck my Ray Bans in front of the lens, and got these effects, no Photoshop required.

I think I like these so much because this tends to be what my memories look like, bright, and lens flare'y (technical term)...and just happy. I like that.

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