Thursday, May 9, 2013

Let's talk about Mental Disorders:

    This morning I saw a picture that says "It's official, the weather has been diagnosed with Bipolar".Before you moan and grunt about another person complaining about "meaningless words", hear me out.
     We as a society place shame upon people with mental disorders. When we share the idea that "the weather is bipolar complain, complain, complain" we perpetuate the idea that one should be embarrassed about their disorder.   
     No one should be embarrassed for their disorder. No one should be scared to tell others about it. Bipolar Disorder is a hard enough thing to live with, it is our life, everyday, we shouldn't have to be scared to share what we go through with others on top of it.
     It is, for the most part, no secret that I was diagnosed with Bipolar type II last year, and it went undiagnosed for a couple years. My disorder does not define me, but it is a part of me. I know how hard it it to reach out for help with something that scares and shames you. I know what it is like to be embarrassed that you aren't a "normal" human being. With support from my family and those I love around me, I have gotten past that and come a really far way in understanding myself.
    When we joke about things being Bipolar or "Schizo" we don't show support to those affected around us. When we joke about these things we demean what people affected have to grow through on a day to day basis. We also show an ignorance and unwillingness to understand what we are joking about.
    Bipolar disorder brings the affected up to a hypo manic state, so uncomfortable they could crawl out of their own skin, no matter what is being done they aren't comfortable. Around people? Have to get away. Alone? Need to be around people. Every touch sends pens and needles through your body, even when it's just clothing. Sometimes productive, in that the need to start a huge project happens, but it is usually not finished. Then the other side, Manic Depressant, the strength to get out of bed? not there. The crushing weight on your chest, the episodes so bad someone ends their life, or wants to. The emptiness, and the lack of care about anything. Doesn't really sound like a joke to me, also doesn't seem to describe all.
    Weather is just that...Weather. People realize it isn't okay to call things "Gay" or "Retarded" because those things were used in a negative sense, and shame people. It's time to realize that mental disorders are not a replacement, are not a joke, and most importantly NOTHING to be ashamed of.

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